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Carré St-Louis

A midday stroll to discover the murals of the Quartier latin

Join me as we explore the main murals of the Quartier latin, located on St. Denis and Savoie streets. We will have a look to the Grande Bibliothèque, one of the most important buildings in the area just before discovering the splendid murals of the Habitations Jeanne-Mance, Montreal’s first low-cost housing project. Montreal’s murals were inspired by the ones in Philadelphia. I will share with you a few interesting tidbits about that. We will then stroll along St. Laurent Boul., which is packed with more original murals and little ethnic shops, mainly from Eastern Europe – and where I buy food every day. Finally, we will walk down Duluth street, home of the Portuguese neighbourhood, before returning to my house on St Hubert street to savour a quite welcome aperitif and a few typical Quebec snacks.


Rates 2022, tax incl.

1:30 to 4:30 –

Minimum 2 persons

$135 per person,  with cocktails and snacks
$100 children 10 and under
Reservations required 48 hours in advance